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I'm already in love with the new Doctor - and maybe the Christmas story wasn't as mind-boggling as the anniversary one but it was nice in the best sense of the word and I enjoyed it a lot!

Just finished passing the first set of exams today which means HOLIDAYS! We are having a strange sort of winter this year, more like spring so it feels funny to celebrate Christmas/New Year but any celebration is welcome [I really loved Hanukka]. After all, we are past the winter solstice and days are growing longer at last.

I feel much more peaceful than before, and my sister seems to be more mad and angry [though that doesn't irritate me anymore]. I wonder if she is getting angrier to balance me or if I was as heavy as she is and didn't notice that she is so heavy, in other words, I wonder who's changed...

Happy holidays people! :]

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So - Doctor Who story was strangely familiar - it contains everything I'm working on at the moment (except[spoilery]kissing Zygons, I'm not working on that) and I made a Dalek cake to celebrate the Doctor's birthday (this Dalek was exterminated before it had a chance to exterminate anyone). Today it is snowing for the first time in the season and everybody is cold but happy.
There is still danger of Spoilers so I'm gonna keep keeping away from here till Christmas and oh, speaking of Christmas - if you want to get a postcard then just let me know your address (use private messages if you don't want everybody to see it in comments).


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Hello everybody,
I know I haven't updated this journal for a while... There are two main reasons:

1. I'm having groovy spiritual experiences one after another after another - absolutely beautiful - what about you, has anything wonderful happened in your life recently? (If not, just tune into it and it will happen)

and 2., I hope to avoid Doctor Who spoilers. I was in England this August and, er, and one can't be safe from Doctor Who spoilers there - like, I thought foolishly that I might keep myself from discovering the new Doctor's face too early - and  you know what? I was waiting for a coach and a woman next to me had a newspaper and I have that habit of reading everything around and guess what picture they had on the front page! I turned away immediately. Having a general idea of the spoiler is better that knowing that spoiler in details... There was also an article about a giant Dalek made of straw in another newspaper, and I've seen the blue box in London too. There were a TARDIS and a Dalek in Heathrow airport as well.
I still hope to get as little spoilers as possible and I remember the last time someone was careless to post a very spoilery picture without hiding it under a cut so this time I'm going to keep away from LiveJournal (and other spoilery places) right until the story is aired! That's an experiment, you see.

Here are some pictures from my Magical Mystery Tour in England: http://vk.com/album4012624_178826056 (the places are listed under the first picture - er - if you care - some words in the notes in the album are in Russian but we all know how to use Google don't we)

See you :)

warning: may contain puns

A Gal Who Pretended To Be A Chap And Failed

In a blackout called
herself a Wyatt,
Announced herself a sass -
She was discovered, alas!
Why, she is not at all
A lad: she's short and quiet.

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So. I'm quite alive, yes. Been writing stuff lately (see http://m-shcheglova.livejournal.com/; hint: one of the stories will be published in a brit magazine this November; hint 2: a link to the story is in the index). Tomorrow I'm going to a summer camp for a couple of weeks (Christians in the forest! Now, that's a challenge!), and then later I'm going somewhere else - to my own Magical Mystery Tour!
Also, just donated a small sum to Greenpeace https://donate.greenpeace.org/hpp/pay.shtml (hey, I'm for a living planet! Haven't you heard the latest news of science? Planets are alive, and so are the stars - they communicate through their electro-magnetic fields, if nothing else. And by the way, nuclear waste is the most terrifying thing of all happening RIGHT NOW).